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Boost your system’s recruiting capabilities and improve the user experience with our AI Matching, Scoring and Parsing building blocks.


done right.

Our job and resume parsing software is the most accurate, fastest and most flexible in the world. Access a skills taxonomy with over 24,000 skills that you can modify or add to.
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built for control.

You tell our AI matching engine how to think. It mimics your thought patterns and learns from you while processing massive sets of data.
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By the numbers, we're number one.

500 ms
or less of parsing time
per resume
of all resumes are processed
by Sovren technology
of false matches

Recruiters & HR

To find the right fit, you need the right tools. You can adjust every setting on our software to pinpoint the perfect candidate from huge sets of data. Return better results. Increase efficiency.
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Our technology makes for happier end users and a reduction in your support desk's workload. We give you the pieces to build more efficient, accurate, configurable and profitable recruitment solutions.
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