Powerful technology for better recruitment.

We provide powerful parsing and matching software to eliminate busy work and create the best possible recruitment solution.
We’ve remained unrivaled in our arena for 23 years because we know who we are and stay true to our core values.

A few things you should know about us:

We are laser-focused
on our products.

Unlike our competitors, we don’t spread ourselves too thin or have other businesses that compete with you. We focus on our core offerings and we’ve done them better than anyone else for the past 23 years.

We are client centric

We pride ourselves on providing the best client service and support in the industry through live support for any issue you may encounter.

We take trust and
stability seriously.

We are who we say we are — we don't sell HR software or own job boards like our competitors. Our prices are equally trustworthy. There's no bait-and-switch — just consistency.

We are driven
by innovation.

We’re on a never-ending quest for excellence, consistently releasing valuable new features and updates to keep our products innovative and relevant.

We’ve built our reputation after more than two decades of hard work and client success.

Sovren was founded in 1996 as a staffing business focused on the financial and accounting markets. The next year we evolved into a software solution provider — then we decided to dive even deeper. We found our true calling by providing top-of-the-line job order/resume parsing and AI matching software components rather than end-user products. Throughout the whole journey, we’ve remained 100% employee-owned.

Robert Ruff

Co-founder and President

After graduating from business school at the University of Virginia and trying his hand at banking, Robert forged his own career path by founding Sovren with a friend and fellow banker. He originally designed and architected all of Sovren's core products and still stays involved in the nitty-gritty of his company's tech. Outside of work, he enjoys rock climbing, kayaking, auto racing and bicycling. He also supports a large number of local organizations in his hometown of Marble Falls, Texas, such as Camp Phoenix, Seton Project Search and various public departments.

Amanda Lamb


Amanda has spent a decade working in accounting for a variety of industries: at a Big Four firm, then in home building, clean energy and healthcare services. Now she spends her days keeping Sovren's finances in order. When she's not balancing books, Amanda is balancing her hobbies — knitting, crafting and as much voiceover work as she can handle. (Yes, that is her voice on the Sovren voicemail greeting.)

Daniel Hamui

Sales, Support, and DevOps Engineer

Daniel is a software guru in his own right. He has designed and developed dozens of end-to-end software applications using the most advanced programming and database technologies available. His prior employers range from small tech startups (like Wireless Knowledge) to Fortune 500 companies (like United Healthcare). For fun, Daniel likes to swing around a baseball bat and enjoy America's pastime.

Brad Cox

Account Manager

Brad is an expert in the human capital management industry. He has extensive sales, operations, and business development expertise in all aspects of HR recruitment, management, and software. His 26 years of experience in listening to customer needs, learning, and advising on solutions has helped him deliver consistent success for his clients. In his free time, he enjoys working his farm (ask him about his miniature cattle!) and traveling.

Harold Sams

Account Manager

Harold has extensive experience in recruitment and with applicant tracking technology. Harold knows firsthand what recruiters need to be productive and effective. When Harold is not discussing Parsing and AI Matching you will likely find him with a camera in his hand. He enjoys all aspects of photography and loves sharing his vision through his camera lens.

James Parks

AI Matching Product Owner & Software Architect

Shortly after earning a degree in industrial engineering, James discovered his true passion: software development. He honed his skills as a consultant in the Microsoft Solutions space, architecting and developing enterprise-level applications across industries. But once he discovered Sovren, he was sold. When James isn't at work, you might catch him playing beach volleyball or mentoring young men through Champions of Hope in Dallas.

Matt Riedel

IT Manager

It wasn't until the end of his time at the University of Colorado that Matt discovered his love for programming. Not much of a surprise as it was a natural fit for a Mathematics major who loved problem-solving. After graduation, Matt started his career in technical consulting, building enterprise software in all sorts of industries, and he later joined Sovren to help grow an already successful product team. In his free time, Matt can be found hiking with his two dogs, on one of his many bikes, or hitting the slopes on his snowboard.

JW Wesson

Software Engineer

Once JW took a "Programming 101" course in high school, his path was set. Since completing his Master's in MIS from Texas A&M University, he has worked at different companies in various roles. But throughout it all, automation and intelligent algorithms have always been his bread and butter. Nights and weekends, you'll find JW tinkering with electronics, hunting or playing guitar around Dallas with his band.

Kash Cummings

Software Engineer

As a child, Kash first gained interest in programming by drawing shapes with a turtle on an old Apple II. Since then, he grew quickly as a consultant in the Microsoft technology stack building enterprise level solutions with a passion for large data analysis and machine learning. Outside of his geek life, he loves playing sports of any kind and falling asleep in the sun at music festivals.

Zach Ebner

Software Engineer

Zach’s passion for software development began after taking his first computer science class in high school and he hasn’t looked back since. He graduated from The University of Texas with a degree in MIS then quickly began consulting and developing enterprise-level applications in the staffing and financial industries. He is particularly interested in machine learning and cloud integrations. Beyond Zach’s software interests, he enjoys playing indoor soccer, watching football, and traveling with his wife.