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Are you attending HR Tech this October?

Sovren has attended HR Technology Conference & Exposition for more than a decade. Back when we were a ten-year-old tech company, investing in a tradeshow was a big commitment. But even during those early days at Navy Pier in Chicago, we knew this conference was different.

HR Tech is one of the few conferences where software creators and consumers meet to learn about the latest trends in HR technology. This year is a must-attend for vendors and companies of all sizes. Not only are companies like Google, Microsoft and IBM all exhibiting, this show will also provide a window into upcoming trends in 2018 and beyond.

We have some exciting developments to share as well. At the conference, we’ll announce new products and updates to our existing technology, including:

  • Our new Matching Engine offers ready-to-run cloud-based hosting with vastly improved performance and scalability.
  • Our new Resume Analyzer helps both job seekers and recruiters optimize a resume for digital recruiting systems (or understand what’s missing, broken or wrong about a resume).
  • Our new “disposable” ATS is perfect for small companies and startups who hire sporadically and don’t need a permanent solution. Our ATS will help companies track and hire applicants on an as-needed basis with no installation required.

Come visit booth 2461 at HR Tech. We’ll have team members from sales, development and support. We’re looking forward to catching up with our current customers and meeting new ones. We’ll answer any questions you have and you can learn more about our software from the people who build and support it.

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