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26+ Years of Excellence


We provide powerful parsing and matching software to eliminate busy work and help recruiters "be the first to find the best". We’ve remained unrivaled in our arena for over 26 years because we know who we are and stay true to our core values
24 Hour Customer Support

We provide the best customer service in the industry

Sovren Values

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product focused

Unlike our competitors, we don’t spread ourselves too thin or have other businesses that compete with you. We focus on our core offerings and we’ve done them better than anyone else for the past 26 years.
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Driven by innovation

We’re on a never-ending quest for excellence, consistently releasing valuable new features and updates to keep our products innovative and relevant. Virtually every innovation in parsing and matching has been invented by Sovren -- and copied, less successfully, by our competitors!

Support by the experts

When you reach out for support, know you're talking to the experts. Have a technical question? You will communicate directly with the Software Architects and Developers who write the code. Don't settle for call-centers and interns - speak directly with the team capable of providing real answers.


Co-Founder & President
Robert Ruff
After graduating from business school at the University of Virginia and a 10-year career in banking, Robert forged his own path by founding Sovren with a friend and fellow banker. He originally designed and architected all of Sovren's core products and still stays involved in the nitty-gritty of Sovren's tech. Outside of work, he enjoys bicycling, kayaking, auto racing and hiking. Robert and his wife have donated over $10 million dollars to charitable causes including funding parks, schools, mental health care, after-school care, foster homes, community safety, LGBTQ causes, and anti-racism initiatives.
Robert Ruff
Chief Revenue & Strategy Officer
Megan Klaeger
Megan began her career on Wall Street in financial services and, after attending law school, devoted several years to founding and operating non-profit entities to help locally-scoped underserved populations. Megan’s experience in law, business development and personal philanthropy brought her to the attention of Sovren management in 2018. Beyond Megan’s strategic efforts, she serves as Sovren's compliance officer and handles all licensing matters.
Megan Klaeger
Principal Architect & Product Owner AI Matching
James Parks
James has over 10 years of experience in HR technology and was a former client of Sovren. His main focus is the platform architecture for Sovren’s SaaS Service and AI Matching product. He has been instrumental in bringing modernization and simplification to the integration experience and continues to push the product into the future. James is a proud graduate of Texas A&M University and has spent his entire career delivering innovative technology solutions.
James Parks
Director of Sales
Harold Sams
Harold brings his 16+ years of hands-on industry experience to his role at Sovren. He has worked as a successful recruiter, manager of recruiters, an ATS software trainer, and an implementation consultant for the staffing industry. His unique experience provides him a complete perspective that enables him to logically discuss how your company can best use Sovren’s technology.
Harold Sams
Director of DevOps & Infrastructure
Daniel Hamui
Daniel has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry and has been with Sovren since 2013. He developed the first version of Sovren’s SaaS offering along with several other mission-critical apps. These days he heads the DevOps division and assists customers with his vast technical knowledge of all of Sovren’s products.
Daniel Hamui
Senior Architect & Product Owner Resume Parser
JW Wesson
JW has been writing code professionally for over 12 years. At Sovren, he assists in maintaining and improving Sovren’s SaaS platform. He is also responsible for various R&D projects related to the Resume Parser product, including adding support for new languages. He is the go-to person for any technical project that involves unfamiliar technologies or getting up-to-speed quickly. JW earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Texas A&M University, and he’s continuously expanded his wealth of programming and system architecture knowledge in the years since.
JW Wesson
Senior Architect & Director of Applications
Zach Ebner
Zach has been with Sovren for 3 years and has worked in HR technology for over 8 years. His primary focus is architecting and leading the development of all customer-facing and internal applications. Zach graduated from the University of Texas and his background in consulting has given him widespread experience with all sides of the HR and staffing industries.
Zach Ebner



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