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Top Executive Recruiter Case Study

A Top Executive Recruiter Puts Accuracy to the Ultimate Test.

A Top Executive Recruiter Puts Accuracy to the Ultimate Test

Due to a confidentiality agreement, we can't reveal the name of this customer, but we can share that they are a globally renowned executive recruiter. This customer performed an exhaustive test to determine the accuracy of Sovren's resume parser and uncovered astonishing results.

The 5 largest
global recruitment firms all use Sovren.

They took a close look at Sovren's accuracy by:

Matching us against two competitors.
This executive recruitment firm did what no other company had the resources to do — test resume parsing accuracy on a massive scale. They pulled 1,000 resumes from their core business and ran them through Sovren's software as well as two of our competitors' software. As a benchmark for accuracy, they had humans manually parse and enter the data from each resume.

Comparing our results to human-entered data.
Next, they ran a comparison tool to see which company's parsing software best matched the human-entered data — Sovren's results were the most accurate by far. But one executive brought up a good point: “How do we know the human-entered data is even accurate?” So the firm brought in a third party to evaluate that data piece.

Example Workflow

The conclusion? Sovren was more accurate than humans.
They found the results from Sovren's software to be more complete and have fewer mistakes than the human-entered data. It turned out that when humans entered the data, they often stopped inputting jobs after a while if a candidate's career history went back 30-40 years. Unlike humans, Sovren input everything and never misspelled any words or incorrectly transposed any numbers.

Accuracy unrivaled by machine or man.

When put to the test, Sovren's parsing beat out the competition and proved to be even more reliable than humans. People are no longer expected to enter their own resume details piece by piece, so shouldn't your resume parsing software operate with the highest possible accuracy? We've provided the best technology for recruiters and HR departments to find the best candidates for more than two decades.

Test our software to see the power of Sovren's technology for yourself.