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Vertifi Case Study

Vertifi Ltd. Put Sovren to the Test – And We Were Measurably Faster And More Accurate Than the Competition.

Vertifi Ltd. put Sovren to the test – and we were measurably faster and more accurate than the competition.

Vertifi Ltd. is a UK-based recruitment technology provider that uses a unique brand of CV Exchange technology known as "iProfile" to deliver continuous CV updates to recruiters' databases. By the time they approached Sovren, they had been disappointed by experiences with our competitors. They were looking for faster, more accurate, more efficient tech that was also easy to integrate — and we gave it to them.

Here's what Sovren provided that others couldn't:

Accuracy proven to be the best.
We asked Vertifi Ltd. to test our parsing accuracy against our competition, so they performed a significant analysis using our software and two of our competitors' software. We emerged as the clear choice. The truth is, some companies like to boast 99% accuracy, but they'll only test one language. That's why we urged Vertifi Ltd. (and all prospective clients) to perform a side-by-side comparison using multiple languages.

faster than the previous two providers

Transactions that take half a second.
When Vertifi Ltd. saw how much faster Sovren’s parsing speed was, there was no contest. While our competitors had an average parsing speed of 30–40 seconds per transaction, Sovren took an average of 0.4 seconds.

Integration within 24 hours.
Once Vertifi Ltd. signed on, they were able to integrate our software within 24 hours. One of our competitors had required a new installation across 3 different servers to account for each of Vertifi Ltd.'s 12 languages, totaling 36 separate installations just for languages. We run everything on a single server, which allows for a quick and painless integration.

Transaction Speed

A happy ending across the board.

Vertifi Ltd. went with Sovren — the fastest and most accurate technology per their own internal testing. As far as integration, our software only took a fraction (about 1/20) of the time and resources our competitor required. They've stayed with us for over four years now because we continue to bring them — and many other vendors — technology to build a better solution.

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