Integration Workflow

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As a business buyer or a technology developer you're expected to find an elegant and streamlined recruitment solution. Our products are quick and easy to integrate with your current systems. Our SaaS model allows you to pick and choose the products that are right for your business and that of your clients.
Below is an overview of how Sovren's full suite of products integrates with your system from a candidate workflow perspective.

Candidate Workflow

Sovren Apply Candidates review and edit resume for digital consumption. Backed by Sovren Parser Sovren AI Match Unbiased, accurate results. Score/rank candidate <—> job and job <—> candidate. Backed by Sovren Bimetric Scoring & ranking A B C D E F JOB A JOB B JOB C CANDIDATE RESUME GOOD ATS/CRM Database System Integrate Sovren into your candidate intake. Retain your branding. CANDIDATE RESUME YOUR CAREER SITE REVIEW MATCHED JOBS

Recruiter Workflow

Case Study

A top executive recruiter puts accuracy to the ultimate test.

A top executive recruiter put our resume parser's accuracy to the ultimate test — and uncovered astonishing results.