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Experience the power of our parsing by uploading 30-60 resumes, CVs or job orders. You’ll get the parsed results in your inbox in a matter of seconds.

This demo is for large sample sizes. To see how well a single document parses (such as your personal resume), use the Sovren Resume Analyzer.

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Job Orders
These documents should not contain any of the following:
  • Duplicate documents. Please ensure each document is unique.
  • Scanned images (we will not convert this to text)
  • Data scraped from a website such as LinkedIn or a job board
  • Fake data. Use false data instead (False data is “Phone: 565-988-0098”; fake data is “Phone: 999-999-9999”, for example)
Go here for more tips on testing.
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6MB size limit per file.

Our parser expects to find work history in resumes; however, some resumes will have very little or no work experience (recent graduates or new to the workforce). In this case, we have a setting so these types of documents are parsed correctly. Please check the box below if this applies to the documents you are parsing.

Our parser automatically detects the country or region based on the address found in the document; however, addresses from Australia or New Zealand can be difficult to detect. Our parser has a setting to tell it that the document is from Australia or New Zealand. Please check the box below if this applies.

Our demo is in compliance with European Union privacy regulations, including the GDPR.

This demo has limited usage. Be sure to upload files that will be useful in evaluating our software.