Purchasing Options

Option 1
Sovren Accelerator Program for AI Matching

For new customers (some limitations apply), the Sovren Accelerator Program for AI Matching is the easiest way to get started. This program allows you to parse and index up to 5,000 documents for testing parsing, searching and matching. The cost is only $200, so this is a great way to develop your proof of concept (this also includes a mandatory free one-hour kickoff call with your technical team). Join the Sovren Accelerator Program for AI Matching now!

Option 2
Monthly Subscription

Best for convenience and worry-free service:

  • Peace of mind knowing you will never run out of credits.
  • Bite-sized payments and autopay.
  • Subscriptions are flexible and allow you to change your plan anytime without penalty.
  • Pricing begins at $99 for 500 credits per month.
Option 3
Annual Credits

Best for long-term savings:

  • Annual credits are the most cost effective and economical.
  • For customers able to pay in advance for the year, this is our best pricing.
  • Credits expire after one year. (See Rollover Policy)
  • Pricing begins at 10,000 credits for $1,260
Option 4
Forever Credits

Best for low or infrequent usage:

  • Perfect for startups or new projects with uncertainty about future volume.
  • Forever Credits have the longest expiration giving you the time you need to get started.
  • Credits expire after six years.
  • Pricing begins at 1,000 credits for $293.

Credits Calculator

How many credits do I need?

Our software runs on a credits based system. Many factors go into determining how many credits you'll need monthly. Use the calculator below to help estimate this amount!

What software are you using? Check all that apply.

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Will you be utilizing these features? Check all that apply.

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Number of Monthly Resumes
Number of Monthly Job Orders
Total Monthly Credits Needed
See our cost breakdown here.

We have subscription pricing plans that fit you.

Credits per month

Cost per month

Up to 500
$99 USD
Up to 1,250
$199 USD
Up to 2,000
$299 USD
Up to 3,500
$399 USD
Up to 5,000
$525 USD
Up to 7,500
$650 USD
Up to 10,000
$850 USD
Up to 12,000
$1,000 USD
Up to 15,000
$1,100 USD
Up to 18,000
$1,200 USD
Up to 20,000
$1,300 USD
Up to 25,000
$1,400 USD
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Save when buying in bulk.

Annual and Forever credits can help to save in the long run. Contact us to learn more!