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Frequently Asked Pricing Questions

All Sovren SaaS API transactions consume credits that are purchased in advance. Parsing transactions consume 1 credit, but when your account also subscribes to other Sovren products the cost of those products is wrapped into an additional cost per parse. For more information on transactions costs, refer to our documentation.
Sovren provides several ways to prevent you from unintentionally running out of credits.

The best way to ensure that you always have sufficient credits is to purchase a monthly subscription. If you use all your credits before the month ends, a new purchase will be automatically initiated, with no intervention needed from you.

There are other safeguards built in:
1) In every API response, we provide how many credits are remaining. You should develop an alert to notify someone when your credits reach a certain threshold.
2) Sovren will notify you when your credits remaining drop to 15% of your annual usage. (This notification is only sent out once per day.)
3) Sovren will notify you when your credits reach 0. (This notification is only sent out once per day.)
Yes, Sovren has pricing plans geared towards every type of business. Our Accelerator Program is a great way to build your proof of concept at a very low cost. Once those credits are used, packages start at $99 per month, with volume-based discounts as your business grows.
We support credit cards (charged via stripe), stripe accounts, PayPal, wire transfers, and ACH.
Yes! A monthly subscription provides a way for you to put a credit card on file and be auto-charged when you need more credits, either from usage or expiration. Review the subscription policy for more details.
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