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Data Enrichment

Standardize and enrich

When dealing with information about people and jobs, the data can often be disorganized and inconsistent. Job titles and skills may be expressed in different ways, and the information could be spread across various formats. Sovren's Data Enrichment APIs provide a solution to this problem by helping you to standardize and enrich your job and skill data. The Ontology API serves as a powerful mapping between skills and profession taxonomies and creates endless possibilities for you to leverage and integrate this real-world knowledge. Recognize shared and adaptable skills between professions and bridge any skill gaps to stay competitive.
Data Enrichment


Our taxonomies comprise a comprehensive inventory of professions and skills found in job postings and resumes. The professions (over four thousand) and skills (over eleven thousand) are organized hierarchically, and each of them is linked to a number of synonyms, acronyms, and other ways of wording.


In addition to matching specific profiles and job listings, our Ontology API makes it possible to understand how roles relate to each other in terms of the skills they require. Given a current and subsequent role, it indicates which skills are “transferable”, and which are likely to require upskilling activities.


Reliable analytics also requires standardization of data. Our Professions API and Skills API help achieve this: they represent your data in a way that goes beyond words: in terms of the units (professions, skills) that are actually of interest.

Seamless API Integration

Our Data Enrichment and Ontology APIs make integration easy and straightforward through REST/JSON. We also have official, open-source SDKs available in several languages that allow you to get started with as little as 3 lines of code.
Other products have reasonably good match results, but Sovren can do it all with unmatched speed.
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Vice President - ProCom
Group 15
Group 15
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Frequently Asked Questions And Use Cases

Sovren defines a skill as a trait or capacity that could be associated with an individual person in a variety of professional situations or context.
We distinguish more than 13,000 unique skills, encompassing over 250,000 skill synonyms spanning 20+ languages. For professions, we distinguish more than 4500 unique professions, encompassing over 150,000 job title synonyms across 10 languages. Each unique skill and profession has a code, and those codes are consistent across languages.
We began by taking a wide view on several sources of skill information including CVs/resumes, job vacancies, numerous existing taxonomies, online sources such as wikipedia, training and development descriptions and syllabuses from various educational institutions.

We then used statistical techniques and machine learning and distilled our list into the most recurring concepts and created a hierarchy of terminology. We assessed relevancy by analyzing actual occurrence of skills across millions of job vacancies. Finally, our dedicated quality assurance teams extensively inspects and improves the system to guarantee that the skill extraction reflects human intuition.
For skills, we distinguish four categories of skills: “Professional skills”, “Soft skills”, “IT skills” and “Languages”. For professions, we have a hierarchy of profession categories (e.g. “Healthcare”) , profession groups (e.g. “Physicians”) and the professions (e.g. General Practitioner”). Our Ontology connects the professions and skills.
Through our data-driven discovery process and incorporation of customer feedback we ensure that new skills, job titles and their synonyms are regularly added to the taxonomy. We generally release updates to our internal synonym lists every two weeks. Updates to the taxonomy structure - such as adding completely new skills - are grouped into a release once every 3 months to allow you to adopt the new version in your own data and processes.
We welcome feedback on our taxonomy. Please send your suggestions to We also consult closely with several of our key customers on the continued enhancement of our taxonomy. If you are interested in participating in our Premium Taxonomy Maintenance program, please contact us for more details.
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This is a great way to get started with Sovren. The accelerator program gives you full access to our parsing software and allows you to test our AI Matching and Data Enrichment APIs as well. This is a one-time purchase worth up to a $1000 value.
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