Sovren Sourcing

Quickly source candidates from 3rd party job boards and the web.

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Federated Searching

Search for candidates across multiple, external sources using job order criteria or custom criteria. Select the targets to be searched (multiple 3rd party job boards, the web, etc.) Once the sourcing is complete Sovren will display the results for review.


Review Results

Once the results are received users can review the information and simply select which candidates are to be imported into their current system. As the full resume information is received Sovren's Bimetric Scoring easily allows one to deduce which candidates are the best fit for the job and the job's fit to the candidates.


Saved Searches

Create complex searches for sourcing external sites, save those searches and use as needed. No more recreating searches each time you have a need to source candidates.

Backed by Sovren Parser

Highest industry accuracy.
Parse and analyze information within a fraction of a second.
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Backed by Sovren AI Matching

AI algorithms provide unbiased, accurate results.
Highly configurable searching.
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