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Efficiently source the best candidates

Search for candidates across multiple external sources using job order criteria or custom criteria. Select the targets to be searched and Sovren will display the results for review once sourcing is complete.
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Superior Ranking

All job board results are scored using our proprietary Sovren matching algorithms and ranked against your existing candidates.

Aggregated Results

Search for candidates across multiple, external sources using job order criteria or customer criteria. Select the targets to be searched (multiple 3rd party job boards, the web, etc). Once the sourcing is complete Sovren will display the results for review.

Built-in User Interface

Start searching external job boards quickly by leveraging our UI. Leverage our API to generate a browser based UI showing the results of your matching transaction.

Seamless API Integration

Our job order and resume parsing API make integration easy and straightforward through REST/JSON. We also have official, open-source SDKs available in several languages that allow you to get started with as little as 3 lines of code.
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SovrenClient client = new SovrenClient("123456", "abcdefghij", DataCenter.US);
Document document = new Document("resume.docx");
ParseRequest request = new ParseRequest(doc, new ParseOptions());
ParseResumeResponse response = await client.ParseResume(request);
    "ContactInformation": {
        "CandidateName": {
                "FormattedName": "Molly A. Adams",
                . . . ,
        "Telephones": {
                "Raw": "(678) 555-1212 x 180",
Other products have reasonably good match results, but Sovren can do it all with unmatched speed.
Alex MacKenzie
Vice President - ProCom
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Group 15
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Frequently Asked Sourcing Questions

We currently support CareerBuilder, Monster, Nexxt, DocCafe, and WhoKnows, with plans for more in the future.
Once you add Sovren Sourcing to your account, you can enter your credentials for each board in our Customer Portal. Using the API, you can generate a Matching UI session specifying which job boards you would like to search over. Navigate to that URL and your user can search over the requested job boards and leverage the hooks back into your ATS to source and take action on the candidates they find.
Sovren Sourcing uses the same powerful algorithms used in AI Matching to score and rank job board results against your source job or resume.
Parsing credit costs are increased 15% when Sovren Sourcing is enabled on your account. You do not pay Sovren per transaction for using Sourcing. For more transaction cost information, refer to the REST API transaction costs.
Sovren provides the ability to specify actions through a feature called hooks. You can open new windows navigating to a specified URL, open a modal to a specified URL, or even bind a listener to events that occur in the iframe. You can customize as many hooks as you want to send candidates from the Matching UI back into your system. For more information review the documentation for hooks.
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General Contractor
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Physician Assistant
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Matching that is diverse by design

Sovren's AI Matching Engine understands candidates as humans with career profiles — not just a string of keywords. We've modeled our engine to think like a recruiter and we never store personal data (PII), which means that bias is completely removed from both the algorithms and from recruiters' viewing of the anonymized data. The objective facts of the resume are scored against the objective facts of the job so an objective, explainable comparison is made.
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Ready to get started?

Sovren Accelerator Program

Parse, index, and search up to 5000 documents for $200
This is a great way to get started with Sovren. The accelerator program gives you full access to our parsing software and allows you to test our AI matching as well. This is a one-time purchase worth up to a $1000 value.
Group 23Unlimited matching transactions.*
Group 23Unlimited boolean text searching.*
Group 23Integration consulting services and support.
Group 23Full access to JAVA and .NET SDKs.
*All subject to the Acceptable Use Policy