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Our software consists of two parts - the engine and the API. Release notes for new features, improvements, and bug fixes will show under the Engine Release Notes. Release notes for updates to the API input and output structure will show under the API Release Notes.

These release notes are for Sovren's SaaS offering. If you're looking for self-hosted release notes go here.

Version 9.13.1

March 9, 2023


Resume Parser

Decreased time to timeout parsing on Turkish, Hebrew, and Japanese documents. A timeout in these languages will return a 408 - Request Timeout response.

Data Enrichment APIs

Autocomplete and Lookup endpoints now give friendlier error messages when using invalid input and output languages.

Bug Fixes

Resume Parser

Minor runtime bug fixes.

AI Matching

Fixed bug giving 500 when trying to index a resume without metadata. A 400 status code will now be returned instead.