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Our software consists of two parts - the engine and the API. Release notes for new features, improvements, and bug fixes will show under the Engine Release Notes. Release notes for updates to the API input and output structure will show under the API Release Notes.

These release notes are for the self-hosted offering. If you're looking for Sovren's SaaS release notes go here.

Version 9.1

October 20, 2018


Resume Parser

Greatly improved parsing of gradepoint averages in Education.

Greatly reduced the number of spurious trailing work history jobs or educational schools.

Thousands of improvements to internal data lists.

Vastly improved LinkedIn parsing. We are now able to capture the hidden LinkedIn urls, and ignore the broken partial LinkedIn urls.

Degrees which are just certifications and not intended to be high school-or-higher degrees are now not output in Education, but rather, are output in Certifications.

Better parsing of school names. Fewer school names with City names hanging on the end (sometimes they need to be left that way; other times they need to be stripped – we do both better now).

Better parsing of Russian, Italian, and Norwegian schools and degrees.

Far more accurate nesting of PositionHistory nodes within EmployerOrg nodes: specifically, far fewer wrongful nesting events, and a few more correct nesting events.

We restored and improved the parsing accuracy for BOTH past and present LinkedIn resumes in all known formats.

Improved Company Name and Position Title accuracy by several percentage points. Improved the ability to distinguish between ambiguous elements.

Document Converter

Better removal of page numbers.

Vastly improved LinkedIn conversions. Conversion to single column format now happens in correct order. Page markers are properly removed. Broken lines are re-connected.

Have real formatted HTML output available from PDFs now.

Improved HTML-to-text conversions. HTML should not contain tabs except within <pre> tags, but some HTML wrongfully does. In the past, these tabs were converted to a single space; now, we convert them to multiple spaces. This ends up allowing the Parser to “see” many more section headers that in the past were invisible because they collided with nearby words.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug in the ReservedData section output that would cause an error in scrubbing PII.

We were eliminating some valid URLs. We fixed that so that we now report more URLs.