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Our software consists of two parts - the engine and the API. Release notes for new features, improvements, and bug fixes will show under the Engine Release Notes. Release notes for updates to the API input and output structure will show under the API Release Notes.

These release notes are for the self-hosted offering. If you're looking for Sovren's SaaS release notes go here.

Version 9.6.1

March 25, 2021


Resume & Job Order Parser

Much better parsing for two-column resumes, including resumes that are only partially two-column.

Improved detection/parsing of date ranges that are split into a vertical multi-line section within an otherwise horizontal text section.

Better contact info parsing. We now report the best-formatted phone number when multiple versions of the same number are present in the resume. We no longer report fax numbers because it is 2021, not 1991. We no longer report work phone numbers when there are several other non-work phone numbers.

Improved recognition of stacked person names (names broken into words on separate lines).

We no longer report 'Politics', which was only active for Chinese resumes because we feel it is immoral.

Better education parsing. This is the most significant advance in education parsing in several years. Fewer false cognate school entries, better degree names, and much better major names. Also all certificates (except in certain locales such as Australia) have been moved to the Certifications section since they are really not the same as degreed education.

Far better recognition/handling of job nesting (or not) by company name and dates.

Improved accuracy on all aspects of employment parsing: company name, job title, location, and dates.

Improved parsing for LinkedIn resumes, especially for some non-English languages.

Improved parsing for Indeed's new resume format, which include an Assessments section.

Skills now generally ouput as Proper-case rather than UPPERCASE.

Improved accuracy across all data types in all languages, but especially so in English, German, Italian, Dutch, French, Russian, Hungarian, Czech, and Swedish.

Document Converter

Improved PDF Conversion.

Upgraded 3rd party software.

Bug Fixes

Resume & Job Order Parser

Fixed various reported bugs.

Document Converter

Fixed a bug that was causing some blank HTML to be output on some corrupted/no-text documents