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A resume parser (CV parser) is used within human resource software and on recruitment websites, job boards and candidate application portals to simplify and accelerate the application process. It does so by extracting and classifying thousands of attributes about the candidate. A resume parser also provides a foundation for the semantic searching of candidate data because the parser classifies data as to its meaning, and assigns values to each data point such as time or recency. The parser identifies hundreds of different kinds of information within a resume or CV and clearly tags each data point (for example: first name, last name, street address, city, educational degrees, employers, skills, etc.). Sovren has been the industry innovator in building this technology for over two decades.
Matching is a fully automated process. You give the engine a document (a job or a resume) and tell it to bring you back the best matches (jobs or resumes). The engine determines the relevant criteria and returns the best candidates. Matching allows for humans to tell the engine what types of data are important using category weights while still letting Sovren do the heavy lifting of generating the queries and scoring the results.

Searching uses a human-specified query. The recruiter tells the engine exactly what she wants, and the engine brings back documents that match those specific criteria.

Bimetric scoring is both a feature and a product. Bimetric scoring as a feature is the process by which our matching engine looks at two directions of fit, such as (1) how well does the candidate fit the job? (2) how well does the job fit the candidate? Bimetric scoring as a product is used to score a user-determined set of documents. For example, using the Bimetric Scoring product, you can see exactly how a set of 50 applicants for a job score against that job.
Yes. You can index a wide variety of data that you define and that you use in narrowing or widening result sets.
All Sovren SaaS API transactions consume credits that are purchased in advance. For more information on transactions costs, refer to our documentation.
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Sovren Accelerator Program

Parse, index, search, and enrich up to 5000 documents for $200
This is a great way to get started with Sovren. The accelerator program gives you full access to our parsing software and allows you to test our AI Matching and Data Enrichment APIs as well. This is a one-time purchase worth up to a $1000 value.
Group 23Unlimited matching transactions.*
Group 23Unlimited boolean text searching.*
Group 23Integration consulting services and support.
Group 23Full access to JAVA and .NET SDKs.
*All subject to the Acceptable Use Policy