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As an HR software vendor, you’re expected to design a simple and streamlined recruitment solution. Our easily integrated tech gives you the resources to solve your customers’ challenges with efficient, accurate and configurable software.

Time-tested tech for startups and seasoned pros.

Don’t waste time and money integrating software that won’t add value. The value of the HR software companies using Sovren is more than two times the value of all other competitors combined.

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Software Startups


of the most highly valued acquisitions of HR software in the last decade used Sovren technology.

Software Vendors


of the largest software companies in the world use Sovren for internal hiring.

A software that evolves with you – and your customers.

Your customers won’t outgrow our software. No one ever needs all of our features and capabilities on day one. But when your next big sale depends on that one new feature, you’ll be thankful you chose Sovren. When you start with the right foundation, you build a better solution.

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