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API Technical Specs

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Compare Skills To Profession

POST /v10/ontology/compare-skills-to-profession

Compare a given set of skills to the skills related to a given profession.


  • You can try this endpoint out at our Swagger page ( US Data Center | EU Data Center | AU Data Center )
  • The skill set used to determine the "common skills" is a larger set than /suggestskills returns. This is done to ensure less salient skills are listed as common ones if they are related to both professions. That means that the "common skills" don't necessarily align with the suggested skills.

Scope of use

The purpose of this endpoint is to provide insights or enrich data records using our Ontology. You may store the parts of the response that are relevant to individual data records - such as candidate or employee profiles - within these records. It is not permitted to cache, store, or utilize responses from this endpoint for the purpose of limiting request volume, or to create replicas or derivatives of the Service and the Ontology.

Request Body

The skills which should be compared against the given profession. The list can contain up to 50 skills.
The ID of the skill in the skills taxonomy.
The weight that will be applied to the skill. Must be in the range [0 - 1]. These values are relative, so SkillA.Score = 0.2; SkillB.Score = 0.4;is equivalent to SkillA.Score = 0.5; SkillB.Score = 1.0;.
The profession code ID from the Professions Taxonomy to compare the skill set to.
The language to use for the returned descriptions. If not provided, no descriptions are returned. Must be one of the supported ISO codes.

Sample Request

{ ... 
[ ... 
"Id" :  "","Score" :  0
"ProfessionCodeId" :  0,"OutputLanguage" :  ""

Response Body

Information explaining the outcome of the transaction.
A response code elaborating on the HTTP status code.
The following is a list of codes that can be returned by the service:

Success – Successful transaction

MissingParameter - A required parameter wasn't provided

InvalidParameter - A parameter was incorrectly specified

AuthenticationError - An error occurred with the credentials provided
This message further describes the code providing additional detail.
The (GUID) id for a specific API transaction. Use this when contacting about issues.
The version of the parsing/matching engine running under-the-hood.
The version of the API.
How long the transaction took on Sovren's server, in milliseconds. If the transaction takes longer to complete on the client side, that extra duration is solely network latency.
How many credits the transaction costs.How many credits the transaction costs.
Information about the customer who made the API call.
The AccountId for the account.
The customer name on the account.
The client IP Address where the API call originated.
The region for the account, also known as the 'Data Center'.
The number of credits remaining to be used by the account.
The number of credits used by the account.
The number of requests that can be made at one time. If using sub-accounts, this is the maximum number of concurent requests across all accounts, not just this single sub-account.
The date that the current credits expire.
Contains response data for the transaction.
A value from [0 - 1] indicating the similarity of the skill set and profession.
A list of common skills between skill set and profession.
A value from [0 - 1] indicating the strength of the relationship between the skill and the profession.
The ID of the skill in the skills taxonomy.
The description of the skill in the Skills Taxonomy. Will only be returned if OutputLanguage is specified.
The list of given skill IDs that are not associated to the given profession.
A list of skills associated with the profession but missing from list of provided skills.
A value from [0 - 1] indicating the strength of the relationship between the skill and the profession.
The ID of the skill in the skills taxonomy.
The description of the skill in the Skills Taxonomy. Will only be returned if OutputLanguage is specified.

Sample Response

{ ... 
{ ... 
"Code" :  "string","Message" :  "string","TransactionId" :  "string","EngineVersion" :  "string","ApiVersion" :  "string","TotalElapsedMilliseconds" :  0,"TransactionCost" :  0,{ ... 
"AccountId" :  "string","Name" :  "string","IPAddress" :  "string","Region" :  "string","CreditsRemaining" :  0,"CreditsUsed" :  0,"ExpirationDate" :  "2021-12-31","MaximumConcurrentRequests" :  0
{ ... 
"SimilarityScore" :  0,[ ... 
"Score" :  0,"Id" :  "string","Description" :  "string"
[ ... 
[ ... 
"Score" :  0,"Id" :  "string","Description" :  "string"