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API Technical Specs

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Custom Value Ids

The Sovren AI Matching Engine supports adding tags to a document that can be used for filtering the result set. Custom value ids are implemented by encoding values as strings and passing those into the index document api call. The recommended string format for a custom value id is: Field + Value:

  • Field is some string to identify the field or property. For example, "Status".
  • Value is the value of the field encoded as a string. For example, "Active" or "123".
  • The entire tag should be alphanumeric without any whitespace, symbols or punctuation (i.e. "abc123" instead of "abc-123") so that there will not be any issues with how these tags are tokenized by the indexing engine.

Combining these strings together results in custom id values like:

  • StatusActive
  • Region123
  • Available20190116

Once documents with those tags are indexes you can filter the data set by the tags by setting the FilterCriteria.CustomValueIds property.

  • json
    "FilterCriteria": {
        "CustomValueIds": ["StatusActive", "Region123", "Available20190116"]