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API Technical Specs

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Geocode a Parsed Document

POST /v9/geocoder

Get or insert geocode coordinate values (latitude/longitude) for a parsed document.


  • You can try this endpoint out in your Swagger page https://(your-server)/swagger/ui/index#!/Geocoder/Geocoder_GeocodeResume

Request Body

The existing parsed JSON text of either a Resume or a Job Order.
The Provider you wish to use to geocode the postal address (current options are "Google" or "Bing").
The Provider Key for the specified Provider.
The postal address you wish to geocode. For best results, specify as many of the PostalAddress fields as possible. If provided, this address will be used to get the geocode coordinates instead of the address included in the ParsedDocument (if present), however, the address in the ParsedDocument will not be modified.
The ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code indicating the country for the postal address.
The postal code (or zip code) for the postal address.
The region (i.e. State for U.S. addresses) for the postal address.
The municipality (i.e. City for U.S. addresses) for the postal address
The address line (i.e. Street address for U.S. address) for the postal address
The geographic coordinates (latitude/longitude) for your postal address. Use this if you already have latitude/longitude coordinatesand simply wish to add them to your parsed document. If provided, these values will be inserted into your ParsedDocument and the address included in the ParsedDocument (if present), will not be modified.
The latitude coordinate value.
The longitude coordinate value.

Sample Request

{ ... 
"ParsedDocument" :  "","Provider" :  "","ProviderKey" :  "",{ ... 
"CountryCode" :  "","PostalCode" :  "","Region" :  "","Municipality" :  "","AddressLine" :  ""
{ ... 
"Latitude" :  0,"Longitude" :  0

Response Body

Information explaining the outcome of the transaction.
A response code elaborating on the HTTP status code.
The following is a list of codes that can be returned by the service:

Success – Successful transaction

MissingParameter - A required parameter wasn't provided

InvalidParameter - A parameter was incorrectly specified

AuthenticationError - An error occurred with the credentials provided

InsufficientData - The address provided doesn't have enough granularity to be geocoded effectively

CoordinatesNotFound - The geocoding provider couldn't find any coordinates matching the provided address
This message further describes the code providing additional detail.
Contains response data for the transaction.
The results of the geocoding transaction. The result will be your ParsedDocument (either Resume or Job Order) with the geocoding results embedded in it.
Not used - always returns 0.

Sample Response

{ ... 
{ ... 
"Code" :  "","Message" :  ""
{ ... 
"GeoCodeResult" :  "","CreditsRemaining" :  0