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Sovren Licensing

A valid Sovren License Key is required in order to use Sovren software. If the license key is not specified, not discoverable at runtime, or not valid, then a SovrenLicenseException is thrown, and the software will not work.

Validating Newly Installed License

  • Parse a resume with your existing key and locate the <sov:LicenseSerialNumber>element in the HR-XML: <sov:LicenseSerialNumber>xxx-xxxxx-xxx</sov:LicenseSerialNumber>
  • Install the new license key (see installation instructions below).
  • Parse a resume again and ensure that the NEW license key serial number is embedded in the HR-XML. (If the existing license key serial number is still being displayed, it means that the new license key was not successfully installed. If that is the case, please reinstall the key using one of the methods below).


Sovren License Keys enforce the installed software license agreement between Sovren and its customers through technical means by requiring that each customer be issued a unique Sovren License Key that enables only the licensed Sovren components for only the licensed term of use (and, in most cases, for a short grace period thereafter). Every renewal period requires the installation of a new license key. Sovren has no ability to install license keys, and license keys cannot be modified.

Our goal with software licensing is to provide a solution that is easy to use and can be used in any application environment with minimal effort and maximum compatibility.

Obtaining your Sovren License Key

To obtain your Sovren License, log into the Sovren customer portal and download the key.

What is a Sovren License Key

The Sovren License Key is a digitally signed XML document which contains information that identifies the licensee, the product features enabled for use, the usable date range, and in some cases a machine key. Sovren products will not operate without a valid, unexpired Sovren License Key.

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' ?>
<License version='1'>
    <Company>Contoso, Inc.</Company>
    <Name>Bob Durr</Name>
    <Phone>+1 793-562-1890</Phone>
    <Address>1107 Rodeo Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210</Address>

Any material changes to the content of this XML document will invalidate it and render it useless.

The license XML can also be base64-encoded into a one-line string to make it easier to insert into code, configuration files, etc. An example of how to do this is C# is below:

var licenseBytes = System.IO.File.ReadAllBytes("{YOUR-FILE-PATH}");
var base64LicenseString = Convert.ToBase64String(licenseBytes);

Securing your Sovren License Key

It is important that you secure your Sovren License Key so that it cannot be used by anyone else. Your software key is traceable to your organization. Safeguard it and do not redistribute it.

If you are authorized to redistribute Sovren software to your clients, then you must embed the Sovren License Key in a way that those clients will not have direct access to the license key, nor be able to view its contents.