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API Technical Specs

Learn how to configure and leverage our services to achieve your toughest recruiting needs.

Configuration Basics

The Parser is highly configurable to meet your needs, but by default, is configured to parse in a way that meets most users' needs. The SaaS service is stateless allowing the Parser to be configured completely differently for each transaction.

How to Set Configuration Parameters

The configuration string is a Name=Value pair delimited by a ;. In order to configure the parser, pass a string containing settings and values for which you want to override the defaults. How to pass this to the API is detailed in the API documentation.

Generating the Parser Config String

Use this tool to build your own custom configuration string. Once it's generated use this string for your parsing requests.

Step 1 - Edit Individual Configuration Options

Optional sections to parse in addition to default sections
What sections to search for skills
Also report these data types as skills
Parser Output
Additional settings for uncommon scenarios...
Please consult with Sovren technical support before using the settings below. They will significantly impact parser results.
Assume Entry Level
Customize how skills are parsed (strongly not recommended for general use)
Force specific region (strongly not recommended for general use)
Step 2 - Generated Configuration String
Generated Config String